No Head Bumps Please

Car shopping for moderately tall people (I’m 6’4") starts, and often stops, with simply getting in the car. If I bump my head getting in the door - or have to bend into a contorted shape - I move on. The last car I bought is a Ford C-Max. Amazing headroom and (bonus!) good mileage. The next move is coming soon and Ford stopped making the C-Max. Looking at vehicle specs I don’t find anything except SUVs that would let me get in without a helmet. I’d like to stay with a hybrid, would consider electric, and love hatchbacks. Any suggestions?

I rarely say this, but call a dealership and ask for a salesperson who’s been there a long time. They’ve seen a great variety of people get in and out of their cars.

I don’t know how tall my neighbor is but 6’ 3 or 4 and he is in and out of a Honda Accord ( 2017 ) anywhere from 4 to 10 times a day and has no problem .
Questions like this are such a personal matter that it is almost impossible to answer.

I’ve seen 6’4" drivers in Minis. I’ve seen 5’3" drivers in Suburbans. Both looked pretty comfortable. There are limber tall people and stiff small people. Impossible to tell what you might be. :grin:

Only YOU can determine what you feel comfortable driving. Take a few weekends wandering around car lots test-fitting cars. Anything you think you might want, see if you can do an extended test drive or even rent one for a weekend driving trip.

This is harder to do than it used to be. With almost everything having power seats these days you need the keys to see if a car fits. I used to be 6’ 3" but most of mine is legs so I want a seat that goes way back and way up. GM is the worst for me. Ford and Chrysler vehicles mostly fit me well except for the older Taurus. My Camry is just so so and I understand they have lowered the seats and roofs on the new ones.

Still loving my 03 trailblazer, yes it is a contortionist exercise to get into most cars today.

Rav4 Hybrid? the new one isn’t out quire yet but you could try a regular Rav4 to see if you’re comfortable. There’s the Kia Niro but the roof might be too low. My dad is only 6ft but long torso so certain cars work a little better than others.

Can not suggest a specific vehicle. But if you can wait, go to a large auto show and try getting in and out of various cars.
I’m only 5’8” but still manage to bump my head!

Short List for Tall Drivers
Consumer Reports February 22, 2018 list…
10 Best Cars for Tall or Short Drivers

I’m not sure which of these vehicles has undergone changes for the 2019 model-year.

P.S. addition:

I’m about 6 even…my parents have either a 2017 or 2018 (I think it’s an 18) Rav 4 Hybrid that I get into and out of easily. From my perspective it looks like it would be ok if I were taller, though OP will definitely want to test sit first.

We have a 2017 Rav4, basically the wife’s car, I find it a little hard to get into, and I am not as tall as the OP.