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Grand Am

I have a 2001 Grand Am that I cannot get it started. At first it was an intermitted problem and now I cannot get it started period. When it was intermitted I took it to the dealer and they could not find anything wrong. When I got the car home and try the next day it now won’t start. It tries to turn over but won’t. I put a new battery because I drain the old one. Change the fuses but still no luck. The fuel pump I was told was okay. Any ideas?

Start by checking for a spark. If you have spark plug wires and an old spark plug, pull one plug wire and stick an old plug in it, then lay it on the engine (metal part). Crank it over and see if you get spark.

I get a spark when doing this!

Who told you the fuel pump was ok and what was the basis for saying so?

Turn over and crank are the same thing. So clarify what you mean by “tries to turn over.” Does the engine crank really strongly?

Get a can of starter fluid, spray some directly into the intake and see if you can get at least a little hiccup out of it.

You coud try using a code reader and you might get really lucky. Sometimes it will hit the nail on the head.