Car difficult to start

My car turns over but won’t start on the first try. It usually takes three or four tries before it starts. On two occasions, after starting it has stalled after going about 100ft. Any suggestions for the cause?

A leaking fuel pump check valve coupled with a weak fuel pump. Check it the pressure.

What year grand am. How many miles? When was your last oil change, air filter change, spark plugs and wires? How long have you noticed the problem? Did it start suddenly or slowly (how long ago)?

2001 Grand Am with 158,000 miles. Am due for an oil change but not much over 3,000 miles since the last one, also could use a new air filter. I don’t know about spark plugs and wires. The problem has been occurring for a week and a half. It started suddenly, two days after not using it for one week. Check engine light came on this morning after it stalled.

oy. You might have mentioned the check engine light.

As long as you’re not in California, many chain-type auto parts stores read codes for free. Go to one, have them read, write down the exact codes (e.g. P1234) and post them.

You “could use” a new air filter? And “don’t know about spark plugs and wires”? My guess is still a fuel system issue - however, your real issue is probably long term neglect of basic maintenance.

In addition to having the codes read, get new plugs & wires, air and fuel filters.