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2000 Pontiac Grand Am - Won't start

Car Cranks But won’t start I have Good Fuel pump and fuel filter , More than enough gas I’m trying to figure why won’t it start up .

Exactly how did you determine that . . . ?

Because you just replaced those parts . . . ?

Because you hooked up a fuel pressure gauge and know the pressure is correct . . . ?

Have you verified spark with a spark tester . . . ?

Have you tried to briefly start the engine with a quick spray of ether . . . ?

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My cousin tried and I’ve figured out I’m not getting any spark but I changed all my spark plugs and wires how can I go about getting spark ?

Did you use the correct spark plugs and gap and, more pertinent right now, are the wires routed correctly and firmly connected?

A bad crankshaft position sensor will prevent the engine from getting spark, thereby not allowing the engine to start.


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Yes Every Spark Plug and Evey Spark Wire Is In correctly and in the correct area .

Crankshaft position sensor has come up so often in your recent posts, should this be a routine maintenance item?

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