Trouble Starting 2001 Pontiac Grand Am

The first time I turn the key on my 2001 Pontiac Grand Am, it turns over but does not start. But on the second try it starts normally. Is this a battery, alternator, starter motor, ignition issue? Or something else entirely?

Probably none of the above. I believe that this is more likely to be a fuel delivery issue.

For starters (no pun intended), I would suggest bringing all maintenance items up to date, according to GM’s maintenance schedule. This should include the fuel filter. Note that if the fuel filter has never been changed, you could have damaged the fuel pump by forcing it to push gasoline through a partially clogged filter.

After all necessary maintenance has been done, if it is still not starting normally, then my first suspects would be the fuel pump, or the fuel pump relay, or possibly a bad injector or two.

Could be a fuel issue. Try this:

Turn the key to “ON,” wait 5 seconds, then turn the key to “START.” See if that makes a difference.

The 5 seconds gives the fuel pump time to pressurize the system. The fuel pressure could be leaking down when the car isn’t running. There is a check valve in the fuel system to maintain pressure, but it may be leaking due to age.