Grand Am will not start

My wife has a 2001 Grand Am that as of this morning will not start. I have charged the battery and tried to jump start the car but nothing. When you turn the key the starter does not turn or make any noise at all. The radio and lights work and you can hear what appears to be the fuel system pressurize. I have opened up the fuse box and switched the starter relay with another of the same type but still nothing. Can you give me any help?

Thank You

If this is an automatic Grand Am then shift to “neutral” and see if it starts. If it does it’s a bad neutral safety switch.

Turn on the headlights and have someone try to start the car while you watch the headlights. If the headlights dim significantly, then the battery is probably shot. On the other hand, if the headlights don’t dim, then no power is reaching the starter motor. Just because the radio and lights work doesn’t mean the battery is producing enough power to start the car.

Try hitting the starter with a wood broom handle or bat while someone is turning the key.

Your starter could have a dead spot and need replacing.