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Grand Am Undercarriage Noises

I’ve got a 2004 Grand Am SE sedan (4 cyl. automatic) that’s been making some interesting noises somewhere under the front passenger compartment. It’s a rattly, floppy kind of noise that is heard pretty strongly between 5-45 mph, does not increase/decrease in sound or speed with the speed of the car. In fact, I’ve coasted in neutral and it sounds the same. No sound at idle.

I haven’t seen anything loose underneath the car.

The only thing odd that happens once in awhile is that the NO Electronic Traction Control light and ABS lights come on and stay on until the car is restarted. Not sure if it’s related.

Any ideas?

At first I was thinking you may have a loose cat converter heat shield (can be fixed by applying a large clamp around it and the converter.

Most times when the TCS and the ABS lights come on there is a loose electrical connection or a faulty wheel sensor that needs attention.

Both systems work in conjunction.

When these lights come on, you won’t have an active ABS but will still be able to stop safely.

You may want to have the brakes inspected for loose parts.

Thanks Roadrunner,
I’ll get it up on a lift.