2001 Pontiac Grand Am ABS/ TRAC lights


I have a 2001 Grand Am and sometimes at random the car will do a little dance and the ABS, TRAC off, and Check Engine light all come on. I can restart the car and the lights off, the lights seem to affect how the car drives. any ideas or suggestions?

The engine management system, ABS, and traction control work hand-in-hand. So if either of these systems has a problem it’s going to effect the other systems where the warning lights will come on.

The first and cheapest thing to have checked out are the tone rings for the wheel speed sensors for the ABS. If these wheel speed sensor tone rings have accumulated debris on them such as brake dust from semi-metalic brake pads, it can mess the signals up for the wheel speed sensors. If this happens, not only will the ABS light come on, but also the Trac Off and Check Engine lights will come on.


You need to have the codes read on the car and post back. Take the car to a parts store like AutoZone and have them scan the codes for free, then post back. The tone rings and ABS sensors for your car are actually sealed inside the wheel bearings front and rear, so there is really no way to clean or check them. They are notorious for going bad on the Grand Ams, though. Let us know what the codes are and we can point you in the right direction.