Really could use some advice

Hey, I have a 2008 jeep grand Cherokee with 131,000 miles on it, I do oil changes, proper maintenance etc. When I first got it it was fine but about 3 months ago it started making a thumping noise coming from under the car and it gradually got worse and now the abs, and skid control lights are on. When I pull out slowly sometimes it will stall and pushing the gas won’t do anything but rev the engine and it will start going again after about 10 seconds. Today I was going up a hill about 60mph and it thumped again but I lost all power when pushing the gas until it was almost to the floor and had to pull over. Turned the car off for a minute or 2 and it was fine til I got home. Does anyone have any idea what is going on because ive googled and asked around and tried to figure it out myself but I am lost and its our only vehicle.

Is the Check Engine light on?


Jack it up, pull the wheels off, and take a good look under the car. Check the driveshaft, wheel bearings, brake rotors, anything that moves when the car drives.

Guessing the problem without a good look is not going to help. Look and post back.

The check engine light is not on. But the abs and skid control light is on

im guessing a bad speed sensor on one or more of the wheels. the computer thinks one of the wheels is skidding ( not rotating as fast as the other wheels) because the computer is getting faulty data from one of the wheel sensors. they arent hard to replace its a DIY job, figuring out which sensor isnt working is the hard part.