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2003 Honda Accord Coupe V6

My car has been making a weird sound lately. After I start the car and get it up to about 10mph it makes a “pumping” sound 4 times and the ABS, TCS, and caution lights come ON. Sometimes after I stop and start again it makes the noise again and then the three warning lights go OFF. The sound is noticeable but if the radio is on you can barely hear it. It is not louder or more quiet with the windows down.

Sounds like the ABS pump is cycling for some reason. An error oin the ABS system would turn all three lights on. The ABS codes need to be pulled to know what is happening. You need a mechanic with a scan tool. Autozone can’t pull ABS codes.

I will do that. Also, I flushed the brakes thinking it might help but it didn’t do anything. No change in the sound. Now it does it after every time I start the car.