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Grabby brakes

My 98 Oldsmobile Acheiva has very grabby brakes when I first start out after the car has sat for awhile. It used to just be when it rained but now it’s every morning after it has sat all night. I have had them checked and they said those cars just did that and it was nothing to worry about. I don’t believe it. Can anyone help me?

How long have you had this car? Was it that way when it was new? Have you had the brakes and rotors changed?

I agree, yet again, with Joseph. The brake pads and rotors are suspect, especially if they are not OEM. But a sticking caliper is also possible depending on your definition of ‘grabby’. Do they seem to apply themselves extra when you tap them gently, or do they seem to stick, like not releasing quick enough when you let go of the pedal?

I bought the car in 2002. I always keep my brakes checked and they have been changed. I think the rotors have, also. When I try to stop, they just grab and kind of make the car jump even if I am applying very little pressure. They release ok. I can do it several times (making me look like a frog jumping down the street, then it smooths out and is ok. I never have heard anything about the caliper, so I will have that checked out. Thank you guys.