Brakes grab

Recently I had the front rotors and pads replaced on my 1996 Pontiac Grand Am. Starting out in the morning the brakes instantly grab upon first braking. The grab slowly decreases with use and finally gets to normal after about 10 minutes of city driving. I went back to the installer but they could not cure the problem.

DId they use GM pads? If not I would go back and complain that it’s an issue they created. Insist they fix it and I would want GM pads, the caliper pins greased. You paid for the brake service, it should be done to your satisfaction.

The only time I’ve ever had brakes grab was from the shoes. It was very dangerous the first thing in the morning after wet weather. Replacing the near new shoes corrected it. I pretty much only use OEM pads now.

I agree. The wrong brake pads are the only thing that I know of that will cause brake grabbing.

Wait a minute. No issue here.
This is a normal. You specifically stated this happens in the morning and after a short amount of driving the brakes return to normal.
When your vehicle sits overnight the moisture in the atmosphere gets absorbed by the pads. This causes them to grab.

When you apply the brakes during driving heat is generated by friction. This heat evaporates the moisture in the pads.

After you put some miles on the pads this might not be as evident since the pads develop a “face” and are not as absorbent as new pads.

Again, no issue.

Are you certain it’s the front and not the rear brakes grabbing? I’m guessing they may have done a “clean and adjust” on the rear brakes and the shoes are a little tighter now than they were before. It seems to be these cars are a little sensitive to rear brake adjustment.

Who did the work? Could they have installed new rotors without washing the varnish off? Failing to wash it off can cause brake chatter and possibly grabbing.And the varnish may now be coating the pads. Inexperienced DIYers make that mistake often and I’m not sure just how far they must back track to clear up the problem. If you feel confident that you could remove the wheels and reinstall them you might do so and spray the rotors down with brake cleaner. If that greatly improves the situation find a new shop.