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2017 Hyundai Accent - Grabby brakes

Breaks are touchy first thing in a.m. (or drive) of the day. I barely touch them and I stop suddenly. After a few minutes (read down the block) I can come to a smooth stop without the suddenness of “slamming on the brake” feel.
Bought 2nd hand from Rental agency. Good report, 42k miles
Is this normal or?

Not really normal. Given the miles on the car, the brake pads probably have been changed. The ones installed are likely cheap replacements, not factory pads.

If you can’t live with this, have Hyundai factory pads installed. You don’t have to use the dealer to install them but at least use genuine factory parts.

Is it often rainy or damp where you live, with morning dew?
A thin layer of rust on the brake rotors will make them grabby and go away after a few stops.

That’s not normal if you use the car most every day. For safety sake, take it to a shop (best to use the dealership since it is under warranty) and ask they disassemble the brakes both front and back to see what’s going on. I expect they’ll spot the problem doing that. One weird possibility , if you car is equipped with rear drum brakes, the shoes may have been installed reversed from the correct position. You might be able to do a test of your own to narrow it down; away from any traffic, try stopping from 35 mph using only the emergency brake. When you do that only the rear brakes are applied (provided you have rear drums). Sometimes problems wth the rubber brake hoses will cause this, but for a 2017, not likely.

If the dealership says this behavior is normal, ask them to prove it by allowing you to take one of their new cars w/similar brake configuration for a test drive.

Are you sure ? It is a used car bought from a rental agency.

No, not sure of anything :wink: