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Replacing a FRONT speaker on a 2004 Buick Century 4-door

Isn’t it true that in order to replace the front speaker, the door panel must be removed?

If the speaker is in the door, yes.

Yes, it isn’t that hard to remove the door panel. Owning a trim removal tool (looks like a forked tongue) makes it easier and less likely to break little plastic clips holding the panel on.

Unless you have an exact replacement I’d replace them both, I get my car audio parts at Crutchfield, they’ll sell you ones that fit the stock locations and they usually include car-specific instructions.

I recommend stopping by the dealer’s parts window and requesting an “exploded view drawing” of the door panel. It makes it much, much easier if you know where all the fasteners etc. are.

I also recommend getting a set of nylon interior tools. They come in sets (I just picked up a set for a friend for $6.50) and allow you to remove interior clips and parts without scratching pain or damaging upholstery. They look like the attached link, but you can find them much cheaper if you look around.

Thanks for all the responses!

If you’ve got the brackets off a set of bike training wheels, they work pretty good too for pulling door panels IF you know where the screws and pop in fasteners are. Keep one in my tool box all the time.