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Replace outside door trim/molding/protector

My 2010 Sedona was hit in a parking lot and the passenger-side door trim/molding/protector was sheered off (luckily, that was the only thing damaged!). I have a replacement, all sprayed to the matching color and ready to go, but the clips that held the old molding are still in the retaining holes of the door.

Is there a way to remove those clips without having to take the whole of the interior door panel off!

Are you going to try to re-use these clips or are you going to use new ones?

The answer to this may determine how much force you want to use.

Are you sure taking off the door panel is a big problem?

The new panel comes with the clips pre-installed, so the old ones are superfluous.

The two larger clips at either end of the panel are mangled (but still in place) in the door.

Add to this the fact that I am severely challenged when it comes to even the simplest car repair, and hence the door panel removal is making me very nervous.

I would think that sice the clips go in from the outside they can be pulled out of the door from the outside.What do you see that makes you think door panel removal is required?

I do not know if the door panel does need to be removed, I have no idea, in fact :frowning:

In looking at the new clips, they are triangular in shape, with a small recess near their junction with the panel. So when you push them into the hole in the door, they lock in place.

The clips are plastic, so perhaps I can drill the old ones out? I know this is probably a simple task, but door panel removal and/or scratching the door are really my two big fears.

Grab a plastic clip with a pliers and pull. Pull harder. Pull harder than that.

That was Plan A, but I’m worried I’ll damage or bend the hole out of shape.

Plan B is to drill then pull.

I feel really dumb, this looks so simple.

Then you’ll have plastic pieces at the bottom of your door making a rattling sound when you go over a bump. I’m guessing here, but can you heat those plastic clips enough that they’ll bend easier and come out easier when you pull on them?

I could try heating them, but as I live in Upstate NY, the heat will last about 6 seconds before they are cold again! :wink:

I wasn’t planning on pushing them inside the door, but drilling them pulling them out. I was hoping that drilling them would give more play in the “locking” part of each clip.

Have Patience. Wait Until The Body / Collision Shops Open Up And Stop By With Your Car And Molding. I’m Pretty Sure They’ll Show You How To Do It Or Just Pop It On For You.

If there’s a shop that is affiliated with or used by your Kia dealer, that’s even better.