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Got a bad transmission? Here's a nice fix for it

Probably not the BEST fix for a broken tranny, but waste not, want not.

photo 319789_3893084802114_1063518689_n.jpg

I guess that’s what happened to all those early GM 700R4’s. My brother started his garage about the time these “transmissions” came out. He had a pile of them.

I LOVE it!!
Maybe make it into a parts washer.

You might be a redneck if…


it’s not THAT redneck

@bscar2, Yep, It IS that redneck…

Redneck is when it’s in the bathtub. “Honey…Can you move this transmission so I can take a bath”?

His and hers shifters?

Euro-redneck is a Quadrajet set up as a bidet.

One of the best uses of a small block V8 (block only) was its use as a holder of 8 bottles of vintage wine. With the crankshaft removed it sits nicely on the floor.

The housekeeper really likes cleaning it.

His and hers shifters?

His and Hurst shifters. :smiley:

Google ‘automotive furniture’ and click on ‘images’…all kinds of options…