Flathead V8: can I change moter & keep transmission?

How can I find what other engines I could replace my 1949 V8 out with and still have it bolt up with my transmission? It is a fire truck and the transmission is special. It has a PTO that runs the fire hoses.

This is a 337 cu in motor? I would think that some Ford hot rod sites might be your best resource if no one here knows specifics. I have no idea how long the bell housing kept the same pattern after the switch to Y-block, if at all. Why switch to a different engine? I would guess that you can get all the parts you need to overhaul this motor or even build a new one. If expense is the issue, I don’t think a different engine will cost less because they will also be obsolete engines. I am just making an educated guess. I would try a hot rod site.

Junk yards…I mean Salvage yards use to have a book just for that application. Not sure if it’s produced anymore…Maybe you can find an old one since it should cover the year of your vehicle.

Rebuild the existing engine. Find a Mercury crank. Merc cranks drop right in. It’ll give you in the neighborhood of 16 H.P. more just by doing this. Of course, while you’re at it, rebuild the the rest. And get rid of the external drop-in filter cannister. Upgrade to a more traditional and more readily-available spin-on filter set up. The transmission gearing was kinda low. That’s one reason that these V-8 “flatties” made such good short dirt track racers. And a modified carb. is an excellent idea. But it doesn’t sound like you’ll be doing much racing with a fire truck. I’m not at all familiar with the fire truck tranny and its gearing, but rebuilding that old flattie would be one way to go. Get hooked up with a couple of Ford/Merc flattie clubs and go from there.