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Happy Holidays

Now that it is nearly Xmas I wish all readers a merry Christmas.
when I post something on here I am typically looking for the feedback from the guy who has the experience in a I am questioning. I realize somethings are ‘unique’ and there are no readers with such.
For example when i ask if you can take a 700R4 out of an '86 suburban diesel and put it in a 2002 silverado 1500 with a 5.3L, I am looking for someone either that has done it or someone with the knowledge of what it would take to make it work. I have worked on vehicles since I was, well put it this way, when the teacher asked the class to go around and share what their favorite thing to do was mine was to take nuts and bolts apart to strip cars. Okay I admit, I am kind of wierd in that way since I have had cars in my life for many years. Think it had something to do with where I grew up, the era, and the family culture. Oh did i mention with humility that I am just shy of a Doctoral degree? that is why it appears i cannot spell.
One of the things I have learned is that usually there is someone out there that has done what i am attempting or thinking of attempting who can give me feedback. The can also tell me whether or not they would do it again or what they have learned. So I am always looking for experience. I have two boys who are engineers, and my feedback to them was “I did college for engineering once but would not do it twice!”
Whether of not putting that 700R4 in that 2002 has been done or not, or if i can reach the guy who has done it sooner or later I will. I have learned the guys in the salvage yards that look in books are very limited ih what they can tell me. Case and point was told a '95 olds aroura motor with ttanny would not work in a '96. We did it but learned a few things such as the computer in the '96 has a different shift range being an OBD 1 vs. the OBD 2. Would have been better to stilck with the original tranny. '(we switched due to the '95 being rebuilt) We had to do a few modifications, it took some time but we got it.
Anyway I just wanted to say thank you to all who have responded to my posts. Always looking for good feedback.
thank you

Happy Holidays to you. I just have one question though. Why in the world would you want to put an '86 700R4 in a 2002 Silverado when the correct transmission is easily found? I don’t think you will find many contributors here that will agree that this is a good idea. Anything can be accomplished with time, money and effort but the question still stands…why?

I suspect in some of these strange conversions, the original trans is blown, and the poster happens to have a 700R4 lying around

I’m not sure if that’s the case here, though

FWIW, I believe the 700R4 is the predecessor for the 4L60E, which the 2002 Silverado 5.3 is supposed to have. I believe the bolt patterns are the same, so it should fit. Now, the electronics are a different matter.

I’m fairly certain the 700R4 is not stronger than a 4L60E

i do have a 700R4 laying around that is a factory rebuilt. I also have a guy asking if ‘can you take a 1986 2wd 700R4(mine) and put the transfer case from a 1992 700R4 4wd (his) so it works in his 4wd truck?’ anyone know? Thanks for the feed back. Oh on another note the 4L60E has a strpped gear in it, won’t back up. And again on a related note the 700R4 would not have the electronics that the 97 yukon tranny would have but I was wondering if it would shift normally without using the computer in the vehicle.


As far as the transfer case goes . . . if both of the 700R4 transmissions have a removable extension housing, it might just work.

However, I would think the gear ratios are different