Gorilla Tape

I heard Red Green is going to update to Gorilla Tape…

What are you talking about?

Red Green is a Canadian comedian who has a very successful TV show on CBC (Canada) and PBS. He has made the use of duct tape for anything into a running joke. “Gorilla” tape is just a very strong version of duct tape. I’m surprised you haven’t heard of him or Gorilla tape. Good one there @badbearing.

Gorilla Tape, yes.
Red Green, no.
Thought it was something to do with Christmas…

What? No Red Green?

No Christmas for you…


Maybe related to super ducktape:
For McGuyvering car related leaks with tape, I highly recommend this thick rubber tape that has a white line on it. You basically wrap and stretch it around the offending leak and it fuses to itself. It works really well on weeping radiator hoses, etc.
While I wouldn’t suggest it as a permanent fix, it will get you home, in a pinch. Home depot sells it in their plumbing department.

@texases…I’m am now a Red Green fan but for years I didn’t get his humor. I still don’t like broccoli and I don’t think I ever will.

If the women don’t find you handsome, they should at least find you handy. If you can’t fix it, duct (tape) it…

If you’ve never see Red Green, it is on YouTube. One of the funniest things I’ve ever heard on TV, Q. So, Possum Lake is all fished out? A. Yep, just a waste of good dynamite…

Red Green had two rules: If you want it to move, use WD-40, and if you don’t want it to move, use Duck Tape!!

McGyver is popular around the world because of his ingenious solutions to problems. It was a very popular show in Malaysia, where jerry-rigging things is an everyday activity.

Yes, a lot of fans. One state, I think Iowa, had so many fans they would get up a group, rent buses, and go visit his show in Canada. Unless this was a hoax as part of the show.

I had a missing door lock and put Gorilla tape over the whole in the door and when i went to take it off to put a lock in i had a battle getting it off. Thats some serious tape

Red Green is great!