Duct tape tramma

for over a year ive used a ton of duct tape. now its so dried on my van i cant get it off. ive tried wd40 it dont seem to work. i want it gone what can i do… CRY 4 HELP


Try Goo-B-Gone.

Forget acetone. That will damage the paint.

Goo Gone is a very good suggestion for removing the duct tape adhesive. In addition, you might want to have a suspension specialist your springs. Carrying a ton of duct tape for over a year could have damaged those springs.

I know this advice is a little late for you, but maybe someone else may read this.

Duct tape is not for long term use. There are tapes made for long term use and there are stronger tapes and water proof tapes. Using the right ones can make for a more enjoyable life. :slight_smile:

I’ve used acetone a number of times without damaging paint. ???

I think someone has been watching the Red Green show on Canadian TV to much.

Whoops! That should be ‘too’ (much).