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Duct tape specialist is a bad designation

Mind you in WI duct tape or duck tape has it’s uses, but most of the answers I propose are not duct tape solutions, and consider the classification of duct tape specialist funny but misleading if not condescending to someone looks at a post I have made.

Could you elaborate a little? I must have missed that.-Kevin

From a fellow duct tape specialist, I think you might be taking things a little too seriously. Car Talk is a comedy show with an automotive theme, not a serious repair guide.

Just because I am one of a small group that is designated as a “Long-Lost Magliozzi Brother”, that does not mean that I am actually related to them. The OP needs to take these designations much less seriously.

But you must admit,duct tape has its drawbacks in in the fierce Wisconsin winters-Kevin

Uh Guys I sheepisly admit to doing a lot of repairs in the realm of “DUCT TAPE OLOGY”,? is what is the best most sticky durable duct tape?-Kevin

If you want a duct tape-like material that is of better quality than duct tape, look for Gaffer’s Tape.
It looks like duct tape, but It is stickier and more durable.

There is probably someone with a high-paying job at 3M that has exactly this designation…

If it weren’t for duct tape, nothing would get repaired around our house. Triedaq has only two tools–his sledge hammer and his propane torch. If he doesn’t beat it to pieces, he burns it up. I also just read on the internet that duct tape is useful for removing warts. Cover the wart with duct tape for 6 days and the wart becomes softened and peals right off. If this works, it beats having it burned off.

Mrs. Triedaq

I used duct tape to reseal my headlight housing that I had to cut a hole into.
So far so good

The designations are replacements for the designations that formerly indicated how many comments you have left on the forum. It seems that 1000+ comments is “junior grease monkey”, 5000+ is “senior grease monkey”, and 10,000+ is “long lost Magliozzi brother”. I think 100+ gets you the “duct tape specialist” designation. I was a little annoyed at first as well because I hate the term “grease monkey” to describe a skilled professional like an auto technician. It tends to make people think of some stupid redneck who was not bright enough to go to college or get into a real profession, so he’s a “grease monkey” like all the other dim-witted rednecks who are too dumb to get a real job. Hopefully nobody sees it as a level of real world experience or credentials to judge the credibility of the answers we give. For example, Transman is a fellow “junior grease monkey” and asemaster is another “duct tape specialist”.

Thank you very much,VDC Driver, going to be on the lookout for Gaffers tape,where do you obtain it? I actually have a use for this material to seal holes in the “bottom board cover” on my double wide.the yahoo setup guys sliced it all to pieces,been sewing it up with monofilmant.Mrs.Triedaq ,due to the nature of warts an aspirin tablet taped on them for a while will help to remove them too,beware of chemical burns however-Kevin

@Mark9207–“It tends to make people think of some stupid redneck who was not bright enough to go to college or get into a real profession, so he’s a “grease monkey” like all the other dim-witted rednecks who are too dumb to get a real job”.

I rather like having the title “junior grease monkey”. It fits me very well. I’m a retired college professor, so I never had a real job, but just an expensive hobby. I think working my way up from “junior grease monkey” to “grease monkey” is a noble goal. It is certainly better than working up from assistant professor through associate professor to professor. I preferred talking to the service personnel more than I liked conversing with 80% of my colleagues. The service personnel were much better informed on current events and certainly more human than a lot of my colleagues.


Other than an internet-based retailer, your best bet would probably be a photo supply store that caters to professional photographers.

“The service personnel were much better informed on current events and certainly more human than a lot of my colleagues.”

But your former colleagues were the worlds greatest experts! Just ask them! Once or twice I sat next to a professor on the plane. They were for too impressed with themselves. It’s refreshing to hear that a professor has some degree of modesty. But Mrs T would disagree with me, I think.

@jtsanders–actually, Mrs. Triedaq is as common as an old shoe. She has had a book published as well as numerous papers, but she never talks about it. She retired a year ago as associate dean of the graduate school, but still goes out every other week with her secretarial staff. Except for ribbing me, she never puts anybody down. We both grew up in homes where money was tight, but we had food to eat and a roof over our heads. I think we were privileged because we learned to do a lot of things for ourselves.
I’ve seen a real change in the college faculty over the 44 years of service I had at the institution where I taught. When I started my career in 1965, there were a lot of former WW II veterans who were still teaching and had gone to school on the G. I. bill after the war. These men and women appreciated what they had and really enjoyed working with students. My dad was of that generation. After WW II, he was having to finish his degree to keep his job, and help support his own parents as well as his own family. My maternal grandmother lived with us. The house he was able to purchase was in a working class neighborhood outside the city limits. We all grew gardens in the summer and canned or froze food to help get us through the winter. We did many of our own household and automobile repairs. I developed an appreciation for service personnel who did repairs for us that we couldn’t do ourselves. We became a very close knit neighborhood and I was very fortunate to grow up in this environment. Too many of my younger colleagues have a sense of entitlement and were not easy to work with. I really loved teaching and working with students, but when I reached 70, I decided that I didn’t need to put up with university politics.
At any rate, I hope I can attain the rank of “grease monkey”. I tip my hat to you for making this rank.

Thanks VDC, I had a hunch there was some good stuff out there,just didnt know what to call it-Kevin

Indeed - as mark9207 indicates, the whole thing is purely quantitative and has not an ounce of qualitative in it. You could post the letter A 5,000 times and make it to senior grease monkey.

Yep, keep posting and you will be “junior grease monkey”, now even that is not something I will put on my office door.

Have some sense of humor.

Well if I ever move up I’ll make another, but for all you duct tape specialists you can hang this on your wall

Can’t get the link to display, 1 extra click, sorry