Best tape for "temporary fix" of broken mirror on car

Old car needs to have loose, outside side mirror TAPED back on. Garage a bit too small (ok, too much stuff in it, but I am working on it) so I periodically knock side mirror off. Car will be sold in 10 months (student loans paid, I am 65 :slight_smile: this month so that money goes for another used car).

I need a sturdy tape that will last 10 months to hold mirror on. Duct tape was a failure after two 99 degree days here in east Kansas. Tape needs to be black and also withstand colder temperatures and rain. 2" wide should do it.

Any suggestions?

Thank you!

ps: NO, I do not want to use glue. If I knock mirror loose again, tape is better to hold the pieces together till the weekend when I can repair it.

Don’t know what your break looks like, but you might try some kinesio tape. The tape is black, stretchy and sticky, used by many athletes. Most drug stores carry it.

Some careless person knocked on my passenger mirror in a parking lot. It cracked the housing but other wise the unit is intact.

Since my mirrors (the housings) and door handles are black, I used a roll of black electrician’s tape to cover the crack and keep the water out.

This fix has survived 3 years of -30 to +100 degree weather. Since you regularly break mirrors don’t fix this one, even with a used one.

A new one for my car is $300 plus installation, so I would only fix it with a used one if necessary.

Thankyou! Exactly what I am looking for and a person with the same thinking as me!

For your next car, keep in mind that some cars have power folding mirrors. It sounds like you should really try to get one of those.

I used duct tape initially, then used transparent silicon caulk, with the tape holding it in place so the caulk could cure. Worked fine for years.

“Gorilla Tape” has been holding my mailbox on its post for 7 years now.

@insightful is yours the flourescent green tape? I am voting for kinesio tape as my future duct tape replacement, @Docnick my experience with electrical tape has been less than stellar, except for the very hard to find heat shrink electrical tape.

Mine is black:

My kenizio tape I need more, is offering releif for a fractured sacrum/coccyx. Did not even think about it until tonight until after my post. Maybe a little more Hydrocodone,

Believe it or not the hydrocodone was dispensed by a machine in the lobby of the hospital. To keep it car related I had a pillow for the car seat I had bought previously for my hip, but did 2 - 5 hour car stints driving with no pain. Sure it hurts to bend over, walk, stand or lay down, but the drives with no pain was a gift.

No more jumping off the roof of the garage, @Barkydog.

@jtsanders yes the story has evolved to I fell off a roof but I was standing on the fender of my boat trailer, facing away from the boat in the rain, looking for roof leak in the little cabin roof with my flashlight. Feet slipped off the fender, tailbone did not.

I had a similar problem to the OP concerning a garage with too much stuff and the rear view mirror. In my case I was walking between the cars and bumped the driver’s side mirror on the 1993 Oldsmobile we owned. I didn’t really feel any pain from the “collision”, but when we drove the car, the mirror jiggled so badly that the image was terribly distorted rendering the mirror virtually useless. Something was damaged in the mechanism that controlled the mirror and the whole mirror had to be replaced. Another time I was descending the fold up stairway from the attic of the garage. I missed a step and fell against the car, leaving a,small dent in the front fender. I was unhurt. Now we back both cars out of the garage to protect them if I am going to do anything in the garage.
In the OP’s situation, maybe they still carry hand adjustable mirrors at auto parts stores or J.C. Whitney for around $10. These mirrors are attached to the body with metal screws. Outside of having to roll down the window to adjust the mirror and not looking like original equipment, I think it would be a better solution than taping on the mirror.
Back in the " good old days" cars didn’t come with outside rear view mirrors. I had to put an outside mirror on the 1965 Rambler I bought in 1965 and for all the earlier cars I owned. The outside mirror was not standard equipment.

Ouch! Maybe you should keep.a ladder nearby for future inspections. It appears this is a cabin at the lake and not the boat cabin. I know that I take chances I shouldn’t talke too, but accidents like these are avoidable. Believe it or not, you’re lucky. A young man near us was jumping off a garage roof with some friends into a snow bank. He fell wrong and is paralyzed from the waist down. I hope you will consider this a friendly reminder to think safety first and no an “I told you so” post. Get well soon.

I second the suggestion by Insightful, Gorilla Tape is great, used it many times and it lasts a long time, a little pricey but it’s worth the money. Rocketman

Thanks to all the posts. The various tapes all have their strong points. I am going to use all 3, electrical, gorilla and kenizio. :slight_smile: I will report back on how it all is working just before I sell the car.

Be careful folks when you work on your car or roof, etc.

And they all will be BLACK tape. Florescent is interesting though…

I have had little luck with taped repairs. Even Gorilla tape worked its way loose on a long drive home from Tennessee one time. I have resorted to fixing things instead of taping them and my level of frustration has gone down significantly.

I appreciate your comments, bloody_knuckles. I just want to gety through the next 10 months…

You could always go with decorative crimson and blue…

Seriously, black Gorilla (brand name) tape should work. So should good quality duct tape. Cheap stuff will become unsticky in heat.