Golf mk7 reverse gear problem

So I have a Golf MK7 2013 model with around 100k miles( it is a 5-speed manual, 1.2 TSI ) . I got it used like 4 months ago. And I had no issues until few days ago.
I was parked and I went out with reverse normally, had a few minutes drive and parked at my home. Wanted to fix position a little by backing up, i have put my transmission into reverse and then nothing happened, acts like its neutral, sicne clutch does not seem to engage, and engine still runs. So then i tried driving normally in 1st gear and it worked, also clutch acts normal in 1st gear, does not feel like there is anything different than normal, the same thing is for the manual, does not seem to feel any different, except for the fact that reverse acts as neutral (funilly enough electrocnics does understand i try to go into reverse; well at least PDC activates normally and side mirrors tilt).I bought it at a car dealership, and i did get some kind of limited warranty for a year. But because of some law uncertainties in my country the warranty from the dealership is by a 3rd party company, so I have to wait a few days for the specified repair shop to even start checking it.
I wonder if any have an idea what could be the culprit here, should i expect it to be major repair or just something minor? Mostly I am thinking a lot while waiting, it is my first car and it is quite unsettling to run into problems so fast,

Take it back and see if you can get it fixed under warranty. If you don’t take it back it will definitely not be fixed under warranty. No harm in trying.


Good idea to carefully read what it says in the link above. Symptoms are consistent w/a linkage problem somewhere between the shift lever and the transmission. I don’t know how that works on your VW, but on my Corolla there’s a couple of cables that attach to the bottom of the shift lever, and the other end of those two cables attach to levers on the side of the transmission. Best guess location of problem is a the bottom of shift lever (the part you move when you shift gears). Frustrating, but good news overall b/c transmission, clutch, clutch hydraulics are probably all ok.

I am taking it to a repair shop for warranty check on wednesday (summer vacations in my country just started so they busy), since I got it used but with 1 year warranty, should be a good way to check it that way. I hope you are right, that it is not something major.

For your sake, I hope that the warranty is better than what is usually offered on 10 year old used cars. Please report back to us as to whether that warranty will actually pay for any needed repairs.

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Repair shop made their diagnostic and they have to replace the transmission. Good news though, warranty offer will actually cover it, was a bit surprised since it feels like it is very close to the upper limit of repair coverage. Hopefully that fixes it, also the battery also died so my car was having a really bad week.

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Great news. And good for VW for supporting their products and customers. I expect the next time OP is looking for a new car, OP will give VW the first chance at the sale.

hmm? … well I said “probably” … lol …

Each of us should buy a new Volkswagen tomorrow.

He bought a ten-year-old car and an aftermarket warranty (which everyone on this message board hates), credit Volkswagen for this outcome?


I recall a Porsche boxster model had riveted shift fork inside trans where the rivit would break and screw up shifting. 50 cent rivit

So good news was it will be covered but thanks to this countries wonderfull laws there is a big difference between new or useds products warranty. The 3rd party warranty has a very interesting way of doing things. First i had to go to the repair shop that was in contract with them. The diagnostic is made then they contact the warranty giver, they have to approve the repair. Everything went kinda smoothly up to this point. They did approve but the trick is they have to be the ones to get the part and send it to the repair shop.
And since then it took a week and i got info that until the end of that week they would get the transmission. Thats was almost 3 weeks since the problem appeared, but since 1 week was to wait because of the repair shop schedule, i understand that. But now i check with the repair shop, one week after last contact. They tell that the warranty did semt the transmission to them but it was the wrong one.
Now again i have to wait. It is really not ideal. I mean if the transmission really needs to be changed and they do fix it I will not mind the wait, but it is quite annoying

Since you seem to be getting a replacement transmission and the warranty company is fully abiding by the terms of the warranty contract, that’s about the best you can hope for. Suggest your best bet is to just make the necessary allowances for the non-ideal nature of the repair process. Definitely let the warranty company supply the part, no matter how many times it takes them to get it right. I suppose you could politely ask if the warrant company will supply you a rental car in the meantime. Try your best to keep all communications between you and the other parties in writing, dated, and signed, a copy kept in your files. If you receive a verbal communication, type a summary and send a copy to whoever said it to you, indicating this is what you believe they said.

You are getting a used trans?

I would expect a used transmission is being supplied, this is not a new car.

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It has nothing to do with laws. A company offers a warranty and someone buys it. That’s an agreement between an insurer and a customer, not a law.

The letter of the law? Warranty says a broken trans will be repaired or replaced with a good used trans? Or it says a new trans will be installed. OP could provide image of warranty text. If they wanted too.

Probably says with “Like Parts” generally means used parts

OP says it is being fixed. Good enough.

It is being fixed yes. The problem is only with timing. Its the time of yearly vacations here in Europe and also a transmission is not easy to find. So it just takes a week more for things to happen in comparison to “normal” months of the year, sadly they did not find a correct transmission first time. I did a little research and barely found the part it is needed myself(and am still not 100% it is correct) And it is really not easy to find. The prices also vary a lot; I would presume they are trying to find a good deal themselves so they do not need to spend over the budget.

No skilled techs. Can’t fix it. Only replace. Would have been done 3 weeks ago. Ask warranty co to find a trans repair shop? Not a pep boys.