VW Jetta No Longer Reverses :(



My girlfriend bought a used 2002 VW Jetta from Carmax in May 2005. Last year in February 2007 it stopped going in reverse, and would just “rev up” without moving. The car had 63,000 miles on it and the VW dealer said the warranty ended at 60,000 miles, but that they would still replace the transmission for her, which they did. Everything seemed to be running fine until exactly a year later. It is now February 2008 and we are having the EXACT same problem. Does this sound like a transmission problem or could it be something else? Shouldn’t VW offer to fix the problem since it was just serviced a year ago?

A couple things worth noting:

- we are pretty good with maintenance, ie. regular oil changes and tune-ups

- we live in Chicago where it is frequently below 20 degrees from December-March

- it “sometimes” will go in reverse when the car first starts and has been sitting cold for awhile, but after it’s warmed up it seems to not go in reverse at all

Please help!




Also, I forgot to mention it’s a 4 door Sedan with automatic transmission.


I would make sure the shift linkage or cable are properly adjusted first.


I wouldnt expect them to fix it for free. It was out of warranty when you first took it in and they replaced it free and the new transmission is probably out of warranty now. Did they give you a warranty on the replacement transmission???



This reminds me of an old joke.

A fellow was looking at an old car to buy when a salesman walked over.

“Can I help you?”
“Yeah, how much for this car?”
“Oh, I’m sorry”,says the salesman, “I can’t sell you this car, it has no reverse in it”.
The fellow never hesitated and replied, “Hell, I don’t care, I ain’t comin’ back”.