Going Crazy! 2007 Honda Fit won't go into park

won’t go into park SOMETIMES. Bought new in 2007, one month later I noticed a hesitation going into Park. It’s an automatic. Moving the shifter up and down a few times would eventually make it work. Then, one time it wouldn’t go into park at all. Had it towed to the dealer–of course, they found no problem. Over the last six months–problem has become more frequent–sometimes I have to drive around the block several times, then it will go into park. Yesterday, wouldn’t go into park at all–had to leave it in neutral and put on parking brake. The key won’t turn all the way off or come out in this position, by the way. Of course, when I drove it to the dealer, it went into park fine. Classic response from dealer: can’t reproduce the problem, the car is fine. Meanwhile, my warranty is up in a couple of months. What can I do? Anything I can ask them to check?

This doesn’t quite answer your question, but hopefully it will ease some of your fears about the warranty being up in a couple of months. This sounds like a problem that would be covered under the 5year/60k mile warranty, so you should be ok as far as that goes (unless you’ve put 60k miles on your car in the past year). Even if it was only covered under the 3year/36k mile “basic” warranty, you should still be covered for this particular problem even after that period is up as long as it’s documented in your service paper work that you’ve been having problems with this and have brought it to the attention of the service department. Even if they can’t reproduce the problem, whenever you bring the car in for service you should make sure you mention that it’s still going on, and make sure they document it on the paper work.