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2007 Honda Fit stalls if not warmed up

I drive a manual 2007 Honda Fit, and the issue is that if I don’t let the car warm up completely (five to ten minutes) then when I drive and put the car into neutral it stalls out. Eventually after I have driven for a while and the car warms up it will stop stalling but it can take some time to get to that point. Any thoughts on what might be causing this issue? I haven’t noticed any other problems with the car, but this particular problem has been going on for more than a year.

Is there currently, or has there recently been any lights or message alerts, such as “Check Engine” appearing on the dashboard or instrument cluster?

How many miles are on this Honda Fit?
Additionally, when was the last time the car has had regular maintenance performed, including, but not limited to spark plugs, if due according to a scheduled maintenance recommendation?

Have someone check the coolant temp sensor for the computer while the engine is cold to see if the signal is accurate.


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