Honda Fit Transmission Problem


I’ve owned a Honda Fit since October 2006. I never noticed any problems with the transmission until about 3 months ago. Whenever I shift to reverse or back again to drive I hear a clunking noise under the car which does not sound normal. I brought the car in for regular service and asked to have this checked out but they said its a problem with all the Fits and there’s nothing they can do about it. I’m not sure where to go from here…anyone have any ideas??


If you took it to the dealer and that was their answer, they may be right, unless maybe if the car is still under warranty they are waiting for that to run out and then charge for the repair. You can take it to an independent and ask him to check the engine mounts. That is about all there is that I know of.


I suggest that you test drive another Fit to verify whether “they all do that”. My best guess is that they do not all make that noise, and that you will have to be persistent in order to have the dealership make good on this problem.

I suggest that you politely state that you want to verify with the Honda Zone Representative that this is “normal”, and politely request/demand an appointment with the Zone Rep when he/she next visits the dealership. Besides having more expertise, the Zone Reps can also approve repairs that the dealership is reluctant to perform.

Remember–peristent, but polite! If you come across as a lunatic, you will not accomplish as much as if they perceive you to be an intelligent, well-balanced person who will not give up until the problem is resolved.


Quote: “if the car is still under warranty”

I would certainly expect that a new car purchased less than one year ago would still be under warranty!


… they said its a problem with all the Fits and there’s nothing they can do about it.

Easy take it back and ask for a test drive in a new one, don’t tell the salesman why you are test driving, just say you are interested in a new Fit, which you are, you are interested in finding out if they all do that.

When you get to the end of the test ask the salesman why it does not do it as you have been told by service that that all do that. Salesman love questions like that.