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GLA Fuse Box

Hey guys - I have a Mercedes 2015 GLA and recently my car battery went flat. Since then, the key no longer connects to the car.

I have researched this and have been told I need to change the fuse with a 7.5 amp. I don’t know however which one this is, as in the fuse box there has a lot of 7.5 amp slots.

Can anyone show me which one it is?


Unless there is a blown fuse somewhere just replacing a fuse isn’t going to fix anything. You should look for a blown fuse. There is an easy way to do that using a simple test light probe, so you don’t have to remove the fuse in question. Use the probe tip to check the metal tabs on each side of the fuse. A good fuse will show a light on both sides of the fuse when power is ON. A bad fuse will only have one side light up since the element inside is blown out.