2004 Pontiac Grand Am fuse box question

the fuse box that’s under the hood fuse #11 the Aux/cigar blew out now the car will not start. I replaced the 20A fuse but every fuse blows out, there’s a month old diehard battery in the car, is there a way to take out the fuse box to see if any of the wires are loss, O I almost forgot that all the gauges and the digital trip miles stop working as well

Taking out the fuse box will likely accomplish nothing. You have a short somewhere between the fuse box and the instrument cluster. You’ll need someone who is experienced with a multimeter and armed with a schematic diagram to track this down.

If you want to try and fix this yourself you should invest in a factory service manual for the wiring of the car. Ebay is a good place to get one. It will show you all the accessories the fuse ties to. Check the cigarette lighter socket to see if it is shorted. One way to help you find the short is to replace the fuse with something like a brake light bulb. It will limit the current going to the short to a safe limit on the wiring. The short will make the bulb glow brightly. You then start removing suspected loads that may be causing the trouble. When you disconnect the wiring that has the short on it the light will dim or go out completely depending if there is another current path to ground or not.

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