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Mercedes Benz E320 CigaretteFuses

I have a 1999 MB E320. The fuse keeps blowing out for the cigarette light every time I try to plug a charger into it.

The mechanic I brought it to said that the charger has to be plugged in before the key is inserted & the car is started, in order to avoid plowing fuses.

Is that correct? It doesn’t make sense that it should work that way!


There is a current surge when something is plugged in. The charger (for what?) must be drawing near the maximum (20 to 25 amps) when it’s running. Add a surge, and the additional amperage is too much for the fuse.
What is the watt rating of the charger? Divide that number by 12 volts, and you get the amperage draw.

First thanks for the quick response.

The charger in an LG OEM cell phone charger & does not have a wattage # listed. Can (& would it be safe) to up the fuse amperage if possible?