Ghost Window

2002 Toyota Highlander. Never any problems. In the past 3-4 weeks both my wife and I have noticed that the driver’s window is partially or even completely down when we return to the car after remotely locking it. The car remains locked. Neither of us have actually seen the window come down but it happens with both our remote units. When we have tried to watch after locking the car we have not observed it over a 1-2 minute observation period. It doesn’t happen every time, just occasionally. Of course it didn’t happen at all when we brought the car for service at the dealer. Any ideas?

There MAY be an intermittent leak of current in the window switch due to corroded contacts.

The vibrations of the vehicle when in motion MAY affect this.

Pry the switch out and spray electrical contact cleaner in to the switch or you MAY have to replace the switch.

I say MAY because I can’t see it from here.

There was a similar question on Car Talk a while back. I didn’t search it yet, but I believe it had something to do with the key-remote. I think you are on the right track looking at the remotes. Might be worth the trouble to put the remotes away for a week or so, just use the regular key, and see if this still happens. Try searching the Second Opinions files.

Here is the discussion I was talking about:

It is a Nissan Maxima, but might be a similar problem