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"Ghost" signal lights!

Maybe its just me, and it often is! But is anyone having difficulty seeing the front end signal lights on some of the newer model vehicles? I have almost ran into a car in the middle of the intersection because I thought it was stopped or going straight. Turns out, the amber signal integrated in the lens fixture, could not be seen when approached. Usually this is during the day or when the vehicle has the headlights on at night. Your experiences please?

It is not just you. When turn signals are placed very close to headlights, it is sometimes very difficult to see the turn signals.

Now that you mention this problem I wonder if many of the drivers I thought were careless have this problem with their lights. Hmmmm.

It’s worse in the daytime. Old cars had the turn signal lights on or under the bumper where they were more visible because they were in a shaded area which created contrast. Sunshine dominates the lights and makes it hard to see them. At night, the headlights are so bright that I have to really stare to notice them. It’s funny how the safety standards of yesterday have all been replaced by a car that is safer only when you crash it. It used to be considered good to avoid the crash. Now, if you have a pock mark on your windshield that you can’t even see, the tech comes out and threatens to fail your safety inspection. It can be stupid these days.

I’ve posted this problem on this internet before. New polymer molding technologies have enabled different colored lenses to be molded into the same module, cutting costs for the manufacturers. This has manifested itself as amber direction signals being molded in right next to headlights, enabling the headlight to completely obfuscate the directional making it worthless.

New cars all come now with remote lights on the mirrors or front quarter panels, which may now be mandated, but for some years the regulations had not caught up with the technology and the problem became quite common.

I think it’d be valuable if everyone in this thread could post their age along with their opinion. I think there’d be some interesting data…

(25: Don’t seem to have a problem with seeing others’ signals)

Wow, thanks for the excellent responses. And an oversight on posting a previous issue for discussion. As for posting age along with comments… some things are best left confidential. Happy Motoring and be safe out there!