Street legal? (Virginia)

Are clear cornering lights, side markers and turn signals are street legal in Virginia? If not, would an amber/yellow bulb in the cornering light and turn signal be sufficient for those two?

People in the library can look in their computers for you.

Today, virtually EVERYTHING is “Street Legal”. Cops are no longer interested in lighting violations, if there is a violation, anymore. Worry about something else.

From a strict legal definition, your car has to meet all of the federal requirements for the year it was made, which may or may not require certain colored lights. I know it’s generally illegal to have any clear lights showing out of the back, since they could be confused for reverse lights, but a lot of cars came with clear front turn signals well into the 70’s. I don’t know if they changed to being amber due to regulation or simply because of design or tastes. There should be a relevant state statute you can look up in your motor vehicle code.

Turn signals must be red or amber in every state, as far as I’m aware. Many vehicles have amber bulbs in clear housings, it’s not viewing the bulb, but the color of the light that is a concern.

Many cars come with amber lamps behind clear lenses. I doubt if white lamps are legal.

No, it is not street legal in any state to have clear turn signals and side marker lights, but from what I have observed, police usually seem to overlook this type of violation. However, the question remains–Why would you want to have turn signal lights and side marker lights that can be confused for something else, like back-up lights?

Amber lights are definitely more visible and are not likely to be confused as to their meaning. However, it is important to note that the color of the lens is immaterial. Some cars use a clear lens with an amber bulb, some use an amber lens with a clear bulb. Either approach is legal as long as the light shows amber when activated.

Unfortunately, many young people seem to want to emulate the urban purveyors of controlled dangerous substances who favor this type of alteration to their vehicles. Besides being illegal under the motor vehicle code in every state, it is just not a logical alteration if one is interested in safety.

urban purveyors of controlled dangerous substances — I like that :slight_smile:


Another consideration is if you are involved in an accident and it’s found that your illegal lights were a factor, that could make your situation worse. Just something to think about beyond just cops ignoring it.

A second thought is what does your insurance company say? So if you get in an accident, can they refuse to pay and dump you because you made an illegal modification to the car?

Call the state police. They will give you a straight answer. After all, they are the one’s who might (or might not) pull you over.

Another thing to consider:

Even if a cop did not pull you over specifically for improper equipment, if you are pulled over for another offense (speeding, improper turn, etc.), at that point the officer is likely to look your car over very carefully in order to see what other tickets he can write–and at that point, you will receive an additional summons with additional fines.

Is it really worth it to risk all of the disadvantages cited in these responses just to emulate people who are not worth emulating?

urban purveyors of controlled dangerous substances — I like that :slight_smile:

Probably the same morons who install darkly tinted (e.g., smoke gray) covers over all their lights, including the headlights, or opaque metal covers with tiny “Dodge Ram” cutouts over their taillights. How this stuff gets past annual inspections is beyond me!

Yup! The same morons, or at least their “kissin’ cousins”.

I agree with the others, if you care about it’s legality for some reason, check with the police or a safety inspection station. In practice, do whatever you want, no one really cares if it’s technically legal as long as it looks reasonable (i.e., clear lenses with amber bulbs).

i doubt anyone is there, but i think op means like on some caddies or otherbig cars there are lights that come on when the turn signal is on. they are located on the front fender in front of the tire, down low, and they light your path.

if that is what is meant, then i would guess it is fine, but i side with the others if you mean like “street-racer” types who just think it is cool to have white signals, not cool.