Blinker observation - Or not

This is more of an observation. I noticed that the turn signals on newer vehicles are becoming more difficult to see because they are incorporated in the same assembly as the headlight and the headlight seems to make it almost impossible to see the turn signal. In the old days, the turn signal was placed away from the headlight and was easier to see.

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Noticed that same thing this morning. Waiting for a car to turn left, I didn’t see the blinkers till after he initiated turn.

I think part of the problem is headlights are so much brighter than the old sealed beam headlights.
Of course you can move to Florida where the response is “what’s a turn signal?”.


I have been seeing the same thing I think it is a combination between the brighter light’s & the bigger ugly grille’s.

Don’t know about y’all but to me it seem’s worse in the daytime when it is bright & sunny.

+1, and +1 and +1… Can’t +1 that enough! :laughing:

Same here. I sometimes think “What a D$@K. No Blinkah” Then the person turns and I see it was on, but not visible. +1

I’ve noticed that on some new cars the front running light turns off when the blinker on that side turns on. That running light is often part of the headlight, but dimmer. It helps in daylight. After dark, I agree they are nearly impossible to see.

I’ve noticed this too for front-side turn signals. I think it’s a combo of brighter, more directional headlights and less distance between the turn signal and the headlight. Apparently the traffic safety folks who regulate this sort of thing don’t think it’s a problem.

On my 05 town and country, the daytime running light turns off when that blinker is on

Had that experience 2 days ago, 4 way stop, pulling forward, the car had a really large blinker light, sun from the south and car coming from the north, and it was barely noticable.

I know this conversation is about the front turn signals so far, but I’ll point out that I’ve always found the rear turn signals to be much more noticeable when they’re amber instead of red. I wish that was a requirement.


I agree with you on that, particularly when the brakes are applied nearly simultaneously with the turn signal.

Agree with everyone else here, too, about it being difficult to perceive the front turn signals on many new cars. And I think the “wink” (turning off that side’s headlight while turn signal is in use) just looks dumb more than it is helpful in making the turn signal more noticeable.

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Not a fan of the overly bright-white headlights, but there’s some things I like about the lighting design on newer cars. The turn signal blinking light on the outside mirrors is helpful to other drivers. And the light on the inside surface of the door panel makes it easier for a driver going down to road to see that someone is getting into or out of car that is parallel parked.