Getting rid of truck stuff

I just bought a used truck that has a hard cover on the bed I don’t want. I’ve checked and these things sell for around $800. But I just want to get rid of it and don’t care how much, if anything, I get for it. I’ve tried Craigslist but no bites. Is there any kind of place where I can just go and get someone to get it off my truck and take it for a pittance, or even for free? I’ve googled around and seen lots of places that sell used parts but none that seem to buy them.

Someone in my neighborhood put one on their lawn hoping somebody would take it, but nobody took it. Me, I think I’d leave it on the truck and put a sign on the cover or in the window saying the cover is free to a good home. When you drive around town someone who’s looking for a cover will probably notice that’s exactly what they are looking for.


Here’s an idea . . . call some local junkyards and ask if they will take it off your hands

Make sure they understand you’ll be bringing the entire truck by, and they will physically have to remove it from your truck

Considering they might make a profit, I believe this is your best bet

Never seen the point in something like that,leave it at Goodwill(if people want a van why dont they get one?)-Kevin

Im really suprised youre having trouble getting rid of a free truck cover. Post it both in the car parts and free section of craigslist. Should go quick

i concur on the craigslist route. most folks will line up to get free stuff. but even free junk has to be nice. if the item is an old, ugly aluminum frame unit, most folks wont touch it. if it is nice molded, body color painted fiberglass than it will go quick. even the flat cargo covers are somewhat hard to get rid of. if you ask 10% of new value, it should sell fast. its usually all about pricing.

Flea market ?
Sign in windows ‘‘bed cap for sale’’ ?

I just got rid of mine after 1 year having it for sale. I had it in storage in the back of the garage and friend of friend called too say he wanted it. Now here is the funny part. I talked to the local place that sales them. He told me he can sale a new one for $800-$1200, but he cant sell a used one that looks like new for $250. He said he would offer to paint to match for $500 out the door. No takers. Good luck finding someone to take it.

For some odd reason bed caps / camper shells seem to be passe’ these days. I see too many gathering dust on racks outside of shops that used to sell ten a week. One shop has closed completely and that was their specialty. Then they added trailers as the camper shells waned but even that wasn’t enough to sustain that specialty.
In the seventies Ford had part numbered camper shellls in the parts catalog with replacement parts like hinges, side glass, and latches. Now it’s toneau covers.

Around here if you put anything in the parkway with free it is gone within 24 hours. Also free on curb at craigslist works. My example 25 year old picket fence sections, and posts with concrete still attached, painted over early life, pressure washer stripped in older life some paint left. some bad pickets, people ringing the doorbell to ask if more were coming! If you need to pull fence posts with concrete watch this, I chained on the post with no digging!

I love the old aluminium caps. soooo light

That’s a clever way to pull old fence posts BD! You get the action going the correct direction, upward, rather than sideways like if you pulled it out using a truck. Archimedes seems to have been correct about the usefulness of the lever. Thanks for posting.

Aluminum or steel, a scrap yard will pay; fiberglass…no.

Thanks. It’s in perfect shape, shiny and like new. The trouble is it would be difficult for me to get it off myself–though not impossible. I just want to get rid of it with the least possible hassle and as soon as possible. Aaaargh! It’s still on Craigslist, no bites. I’ll try the free stuff section. I wouldn’t mind a camper shell–some practical value there. But the only thing this is good for is locking up stuff I think and I don’t want that. I just can’t imagine why very many people would want this kind of thing–as distinct from a top that folds up.

Post your craigslist description so we can see what it looks like…Especially the title line…It should move quickly…