How to dispose an old Chevy S10, '88

I need to remove an non-running Chevy S10, year '88, it has been parked in the yard for the last four years, family complains about the sight. I tried to donate it to a local charity once, but it was too old and no value for them. It has a good exterior, no damage or dents with liner for the truck bed.

Local scrap dealers might pick it up for free. Is there a way to still get a few bucks for it or has it become junk? To haul it to a scrap dealer will cost me probably even more than what I might receive for the scrap metal. Any serious suggestions?

Try Craigslist, advertise it ‘free to whoever takes it away’.

ok, what about $ value or for free?

You can always ask for something ($100?), and if there’s no takers, relist for ‘take it’. See what other similar vehicles are going for in you area on Craigslist.

Coincidentally There is a plug on this site for car donations.

I’ll try craigslist - first. Then will consider donation again.

At this point, getting rid of it seems to be the most important thing. Advertise it as free to the first person that will haul it off.

Or leave it with a signed title on the seat and the keys in the ignition. Sorry donation did not work for you, a $100 MIN BID ON EBAY MIGHT WORK.

I checked ebay motors, if I would get an offer, a successful listing fee from ebay would cost me $125, not worth it -

I would love to take it off your hands for a couple bucks. how does that sound and exactly where are you located i would love to have the truck.

I placed an add in the local paper and it sold some time ago.

Mexico allows the importation of small pickups over ten years old. In fact, the last time I checked the price on used small pickups actually went up at ten years of age. When my BIL wanted one, we had to look well into Oklahoma to find one far enough from the border that the price was right.

So, look for Mexican people, and perhaps someone can fix it up and take it home with them.

I do not know if there is an older limit, only ten years or more.