Get Rid of Turtle Wax

I recently washed my car and later waxed it with Turtle Wax for protection. Unfortunately I also waxed some of the black plastic parts like the bumper and antenna. The plastic is a little porous and the wax filled in the pores - in white of course.
I tried hard to wipe that out and also a “plastic black” spray, but to no effect.

How do I get rid of the wax?

I would try ammonia in an inconspicuous spot. If you can’t find an inconspicuous spot. apply some Turtle wax to the underneath of the bumper.

You might try a solvent, like Opps or lighter fluid. Better test any areas to make sure it doesn’t harm the plastic. Another idea is bug and tar removing products.

Rubbing alcohol will remove the wax.


I’ve used Armor All to correct this mistake. It works. And it has no alcohol to attack the rubber.

Try household ammonia first. If that doesn’t work, go through each of the above suggestions. Let us know.

“Rescue Trim Restorer” works great for that.

BACK TO BLACK has worked for me. It was sold at one of the McParts stores.

Try a little mineral spirits (paint thinner) or a cleaning solvent like “Prep-Sol” which is used to remove wax and polish before a surface is painted…