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how do you get wax off of non painted plastic surfaces

Try this

You need a solvent that attacks the wax but not that particular plastic, whatever it is. Using Q-Tips try small amounts of solvents on surface areas of the plastic that will not make a problem if damaged or find another piece of the same plastic if you can identify it to use as a test sample.

You have available a large selection of things to try in a grocery store, a pharmacy, an auto parts store in the chemical department or a home supply store with a paint department. let your imagination be your guide. Try something easily available first such as detergent and water or isopropyl alcohol.

I don’t recommend gasoline as it is dangerous to use, especially so indoors. No matter how carefully it is used, even outdoors, someone, somewhere, some day with a tenuous connection to reality and having all thumbs will start themselves or something else on fire with gasoline.

Other solvents can also be as dangerous, meaning flammable, explosive and toxic, as gasoline.