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I have a problem removing windshield film from those wax markers on sales lots. Any suggestions for removing it?

Bug&tar remover? (Turtle Wax)

I would not use that product on a windshield. Years ago, Turtle Wax Bug & Tar Remover was merely a solvent. However, that product has been reformulated and it now contains a wax/polish, unlike the old product. (It also doesn’t remove road tar as well as the old product did!).

It is very possible that using this product on the windshield would introduce yet more of a film on the glass, given the addition of some kind of wax to it.

I would try something like “Goof Off” or maybe just an orange solvent. They seem to remove just about everything.

Of course, you will have to rinse thoroughly to remove the residue from the solvent.

Given VDC’s comments, I’ll vote for ‘Goof Off’. I didn’t know B&TR had been changed.

Last week someone posted about using dryer sheets (used dryer sheets dampened) to remove bugs, and claimed it worked quite well. Maybe they will work for wax, too. I don’t see how they could hurt the windshield.

Dryer sheets might also leave a film. Their softening principle is to leave a film on cloth fibers.

Try coke cola

Just about anything is soluble in water or organic (oily) solvent or something in between. If water and detergent don’t work, try paint thinner, gasoline. parts cleaner, alcohols, whatever you have around. Just be careful of the paint!

I am a big fan of WD-40 for removing all kinds of gooey stuff from all kinds of surfaces. It is also great for getting grease smudges out clothing. After the WD-40 attacks the glue or tar, it is easy to remove the residual WD-40 with soap and water. It is the greatest thing since duct tape.