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Car care question

Even though I was trying to be as neat as possible, I did manage to get a small amount of car wax on a piece of black plastic trim on a rear fender. As you probably know, this dries into a tenacious white streak.

Does anyone have a recommendation for what substance to use for removal of the white mark, without damaging the black plastic or the adjacent paint?

And, yes, I did give myself a dope slap!

A little gasoline or paint thinner on a soft rag should take it right off…

First try household ammonia. That’s usually a good wax remover. If that doesn’t work, move up to gasoline. Beware paint thinner or engine degreaser which may be too strong for the underlying trim (test first in a non-visible area).

I would use some armor all on it.

I think I would start with a car wax and if that did not do it, try a clay stick (find it at an auto part store.)

Armour All…perfect. Then clean it, and treat it properly with some Mother’s.

Isn’t car wax the problem here?

The ammonia did help, but I still see some white residue.
Next step, some Armor All!


Try Turtle Wax Ice liquid wax. Its safe for chrome and rubber molding. I used on my 93 Caprice yesterday and the rubber molding that was white from previous wax jobs came out nice and black.

Normally, I use Armorall or Black Chrome and go back over the paint with a wax

Whatever you decide to try, I’ve heard that using a tennis ball to apply it will help.

I’d buy a can of wax/grease remover sometimes called prep solvent from a good paint store not a big box store. It’s made to safely remove wax and grease from painted surfaces prior to repair or re-painting. I bought mine when I re-painted my truck; I used about 1/5 of the gallon ($20), but since then I’ve used it or many other cleaning projects. It makes a good adhesive remover and I cleaned and re greased my bike chain with it. It was a very good investment.

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This is the BEST solution. Gas or Paint Thinner does a great job at removing wax.

I’d use one of 2 products that work great for this and for ALL the trim to make it look like new. “Rescue Trim Restorer” made by PPC products or “Trim Renu” made by Auto Tech. Both work equally well.