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Geo Tracker Windshield Wipers always on

Hi everyone, here’s the situation.

I bought my Geo Tracker and the windshield wipers are always on. As long as the wiper motor is connected and the combination switch is attached the wipers are on and do not respond to the wiper switch.

There’s a yellow wire which is supposed to be the run wire, and it’s always hot, but I’m not sure why. How would I go about tracing this back? has anyone had this problem before? The wiper motor has been through a lot (someone installed the wrong wiper linkage for a while) so could it just be that the motor is damaged?

Thank you for your help!

I would have to see a wiring diagram. On my 1978 Oldsmobile Cutlass,. the switch completed the circuit to ground. The wiper motor always received power from the positive side of the battery. There was a resistor in the switch. On high speed the resistor was bypassed. On the slower speed, the resistor was in series with the motor. I figured it.all out when the windshield washer pump which was part of the wiper motor failed. Rather than replace the wiper motor, I bought a universal washer pump from WalMart that dropped into the fluid reservoir. When I hooked it up, it came.on right away and.pumped all the fluid from the reservoir. I finally figured out what was going on and was able to wire the new pump so that it only operated when. i pushed the switch. After studying the diagram, I figured out the reason the wipers were wired this way was that it allowed the manufacturer to save 2 feet of wire on each car. Your.problem could either be the switch or a wire that is shorting to ground and bypassing the switch. My repair would put s.toggle switch on the yellow hot lead in series with the motor and mount the switch in a convenient place. You might have.only one speed but this is a cheap way out

The yellow/blue wire is always powered, that is for the park switch.

The blue/white wire should switch from power to ground when the wiper motor reaches the park position, if not the park switch has failed.

The blue wire is low speed, blue/red is high speed.