2014 Jeep Wrangler Unlimited - Broken wipers

Windshield wipers. One day it was icy. Thought I cleared the ice. Turned wipers on. Boom gone. Never worked since. Checked all fuses checked body grounds. Replaced windshield wiper motor, replaced switch at tree of steering wheel. Na Da! Here’s the kicker! Everything else? Works. Back windshield wiper and squirter works, front squirters work! No windshield wiper! It’s been a year! HELP!

Just a guess, the linkage from the windshield motor to the wipers is jammed or bent.

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Does the wiper motor run when you turn it on? Not the blades, just the motor? If it does the linkage is broken. If it doesn’t run, I’d probe the connector for 12v when on and ground continuity as a first step. Post back with what you find.

You have been driving a YEAR without wipers?? Not safe, not safe at all!


You might want to check if the splines in the wiper arms got stripped out when you tried to clear the ice off the windshield.



Good idea above to check if wiper motor is running when wipers are turned on. If so, there may be something replaceable in linkage between electric WW motor and wipers that is designed to give-way if wipers are turned on when ice-stuck to windshield. Likely places to check first are where the motor meets up with the linkage, and where the wiper-arms meet up with the linkage.

He replaced motor. Wiper is silent when turned on? Makes no noise?

Didn’t plug the motor in?


Thanks so much for the response. Yeah checked those too! You can’t hear the motor running when set in any wiper mode. Replaced with new wiper motor and that doesn’t work as well

Appears you have 2 non working wiper motors. Based on facts. So far.