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I have a 2003 Saturn Ion which at times does not start.Does not turn the engine over. No sound except fuel pump. Been told that it is either solenoid in ignition switch or flat (dead) spot in starter. Help!

Find an auto electrical specialist and pay them to do a diagnostic analysis.


we have . They tell us the car has to be in the non-start mode in order for them to bring up a code on the diagnostic scanner. While at the shop the car started every time yet the other night it did not start. waited 15 min. then it did.

Is it an automatic or manual trans? If it is manual, you can put it in gear and rock the car a bit to jostle the starter. It it is a dead spot you’ll find out that way.

Is it safe to assume that the battery terminals have been pulled and cleaned thoroughly, and reattached tightly? That the wires themselves have been checked for corrosion? That grounds have been pulled, cleaned and reattached?

I suspect the solenoid they’re referring to in the one in the starter motor assembly. A diagnostic scanner won’t help here. If the crank ain’t turning, no codes are possible.

Pick up a multimeter. If this happens again, have someone try to start the car while you check for voltage at the starter. If you have voltage at the motor and it isn’t turning the engine over, it’s the starter motor assembly. If you do not have voltage, then you’ll have to trace back until you find it. It could be a relay or perhaps even a fusible link. I’ve seen a melted fusible link operate intermittantly, although it’s unusual.

automatic trans. This model Saturn has the battery in the trunk. A few months ago one of the terminal posts had corroded off and ate a hole in the floor of the trunk. all this was repaired. Battery replaced. Terminals cleaned. Being my daughter’s car I don’t have the opportunity to check it like my own.Prior to that she did not experience this starting problem. Now I wonder if this could have something to do with the problem. Thanks for your input.