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My 2003 saturn will not start

I have 2003 Saturn Ion that will not start. I did test on the starter and battery and everything work fine. When I turn the key to start, the starter relay clicks alright but there is no power going through the starter trigger wire to engage the starter; I have checked the starter trigger wire, all the fuses, and all the relays, but there is no power in the trigger wire.
Can someone tell me why there is no power in the starter trigger wire when the key is turned to start to engage the starter so that the car will start. Thanks.

It could be the clutch safety switch if you have a manual transmission or the park/neutral safety switch if you have an automatic. If you have an automatic, try putting the gear shift into neutral and start from that. It could also be the ignition switch.

Does your ignition key have a chip in it?

I have already put the gear shift into neutral and start from there, but there is no power in the starter trigger wire.
No the ignition key has no chip in it.

You’re saying that you’ve checked everything and everything checks out, but its still not working.

So you’re going to need to say more about how you’ve checked things and what you have done. How did you test the starter, for example? Battery? 12V at main power on starter? Did you happen to check the voltage drop on both the + and - cables?

Is it an automatic or manual? If auto, try it with the gear shifter in neutral.

Anyway, “I checked it” isn’t enough info if you want folks to follow up.

When you say the starter relay clicked, do you mean the one inside the passenger compartment? A small plug-in relay? By starter-trigger-wire, do you mean the one that actually connects to the starter? There are two wires that connect to the starter usually, one thick one comes from the battery, and the thin one is what tells the starter to run. Is that the one you mean by “starter trigger wire”? If so, you basically have to trace the circuit from the starter backwards. Several things could be not working. Here’s three to test: The neutral safety switch could be on the fritz or need adjustment (I’m assuming you have an automatic, if clutch let us know as diagnosis that is different), the starter relay may be clicking but still not working, or the ignition switch is bad.

Also, describe how you determined the starter trigger isn’t getting power. Diagnosing starter motor problems is kind of tricky b/c they use so much current.

If the starter relay clicked wouldn’t that mean the ignition switch is OK?

It would also mean the neutral safety switch is ok. My money be on bad battery connections or cables. The connections first if it has those lousy GM side terminals.

I can’t stand those side terminals either

What fool thought of that?

A cost accountant.

the relay that clicks when I turn the key is under the hood…

hmmm … usually if you hear a “click” under the hood, that is the starter solenoid clicking. On most econobox sedans that selenoid is part of the starter motor ass’y. But it won’t click – at least it shouldn’t – if it doesn’t receive the “start” signal on the small wire going to the starter. And you say there is no power to that signal wire. Can you better pinpoint where the click is coming from under the hood? Is it sort of under the engine, near where the engine and transmission meet up? Or is it coming from a relay block on the firewall or in the strut areas? Ask your mechanic to use a auto-stethoscope maybe to determine where exactly the click is coming from.