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Ion Doesn't Start

2004 Saturn Ion, doesn’t start, but then 15 minutes later will start. Completely failed to start a month ago and auto mechanic installed new fuel system. Continue to have the same problem. Nothing consistent about when it won’t start. Car has 30,000 miles on it, only used to drive around town, etc.

What do you mean by totally not starting? Is the starter turning the engine over but it doesn’t start? Or is there no noise at all when you turn the key?

Important Important

When it doesn’t start does the engine crank, but refuse to fire up or does the engine make no attempt to move at all ?

If that’s the case is there any noise at all, a click or otherwise when attempting to start ?

Is this exactly the same set of symptoms that were present before the fuel system replacement ?
Did the replacement include a fuel pump and/or fuel pump relay ?

When this happens do you get a “security” warning on the insturment panel ?