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General exhaust question please help!

Hello. I have a 2000 honda accord, currently with the mid muffler/resonator removed as well as the rear muffler also removed. The car does have a cat converter.

I notice humming/buzzing when accelerating and cruising at certain speeds. The car is also just slightly loud for me overall volume wise with no muffler and resonator. I want to make the car quieter but only SLIGHTLY quieter than what it currently is (maybe just 5-10% quieter) and hopefully get rid of some of the drone.

I purchased a 12” cherry bomb glasspack at my local auto store. Which of the following options would reduce the most drone/humming and give the exhaust a better tone, but NOT reduce too much of the overall sound level?

A.) install the cherry bomb where the mid muffler/resonator would go and then run straight pipe to the back bumper


B.) run straight pipe from the middle where the original mid muffler/resonator was cut off to the back bumper and install the cherry bomb as the rear muffler.

Thank you.

Link to the glasspack I purchased:

You need an exhaust system from the catalytic converter on back.



Before, my setup was no resonator/mid muffler with straight pipe going to the back bumper with a dc sport muffler. This setup was medium loudness, but slightly too quiet for my liking. there was no humming or vibration when accelerating/cruising however.

A 4cyl accord is a waste. Might as well get a civic.

No matter what you hack around on this exhaust it will never be anything but annoying to people around you.


I guess my main question is would using the glasspack as a resonator between the cat and rear muffler “Smooth out” the exhaust but still keep most of the volume?

I have performance headers and an aem intake under the hood. It doesn’t sound as bad as you’d think. Not a fart can ish sound. Civics have more of that noise tbh

You might be better off searching for a Honda performance forum . Most regulars here tend to be a little conservative . Or get advice from an independent muffler shop.

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That might require some experimentation. I think I would start with locating it at the mid-muffler location, then if necessary a second muffler can be added at the rear. On my car the stock location is rear only. I installed Flowmaster 40s, sounds nice outside the car, but annoying drone (resonance) inside.

+1 to @Purebred Putting the Cherry Bomb in the mid pipe location should reduce the drone and buzz better than at the rear. If you put it in the rear first, you will get the fart-pipe sound.

When the glass pack blows out it could block the muffler and cause a fire or a damaged cat. Maybe it will happen and maybe not. Good luck whatever you do.

I don’t know whether to get involved in this one or not but…

You might consider the use of a motorcycle baffle inserted into the exhaust pipe. That should knock a bit of the edge off as to noise. They’re cheap and easy to install and not very restrictive. Stick it into the pipe and run a sheet metal screw into it to hold it in place. Just food for thought.

This is what they look like.


Times have changed, back when, my high school friend had a Honda 250 scrambler. Removed one of the two baffles, drove it around the block and got busted by the cops. Now 99%, it seems, of bikes run unmuffled.