Looking for exhaust mod suggestions :)

So I have a '14 Lancer GT and currently just have a magnaflow muffler and a tip.
I want to make my car louder, but not too loud where it’ll annoy neighbors or anything. I like the tone of my car right now, its nice and deep, but I just want something louder. A friend of mine said to replace the resonator with a cherry bomb. Don’t really want it to drone.
Any suggestions would be appreciated.

You tell me how your resonator is built. Then you can compare it to another style item. Similar construction will usually produce similar sounds. Is your resonator flow thru? Perforated? Chambered?

This not the site to ask that question. This is a general car forum. The answers you get will tend to be “leave it stock.”

I’d suggest a Lancer forum. Get opinions from people who own this type of car that have modified their exhausts. Go to exhaust company websites. They usually have sound clips for their cat-back exhausts and descriptions of how loud it actually is.

If you just replaced the muffler and it isn’t welded on, you can do an experiment. Remove it. Drive around. Is it too loud? Does it drone on the highway? Now you have 2 points of data.

Pick a muffler that is less restrictive than the Magnaflow you have. A glass or steel wool packed straight through design will add a bit of rasp and knock down the sound a bit. If straight pipes were only a bit too loud, do that route. If the were a LOT too loud, pick an oval-style muffler with and S bend inside. The result won’t likely be as good as surveying actual owners but you won’t spend a ton on mufflers you don’t like.

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There’s good advice here already.

I’d emphasize considering the “drone” during long drives, like on the highway. Once I had a very brief “affair” with putting a “better” exhaust on my truck. I commuted back and forth to work on the freeway, and the constant, low “drone” noise drove me nuts quickly. Folks telling you how “great” the exhaust is may not tell you that part.

Good luck.

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A cherry bomb will likely have a drone to it. Extended highway driving can make that droning noise a real headache and irritant.

If system is sound then removing a resonator will make it louder.
Changing a resonator probably will also make it louder