Is it ok to change a resonator mid pipe with a glass pipe

I have a Infiniti g35 x 2004 do you think it’s safe to change the mid pipe resonator pipe with a straight glass pipe

I assume you mean using what is referred to as a glass pack muffler. Safe, probably but it will cause obnoxious noise . So why do that?

Because the original resonator cost 2 times the amount to buy

And I mean the glass pack resonator pipe they sell them at auto zone

A resonator is a glass pack tuned to the vehicles exhaust to cancel out noise before the muffler.

If I were to do this, I’d make sure the diameter/length of the resonator was as close to the original as possible.


There about the same Length maybe the one I bought is a little longer

If you’ve already bought it, might as well install it.


. I bought this one my Mechanic told me the longer the better

And all the after market ones are straight pipes

Not that it matters but a straight pipe does not have any baffles or anything else in it. Basically you are just installing a muffler that makes more annoying noise.

The reason the oem version costs 2x as much as the aftermarket version may have to do with its ability to control the amount of heat that gets transferred to the floor of the car. So double check that for a few weeks of driving to make sure there’s nothing getting charred or overly hot in the area of the aftermarket part.

My resonator seam split so I put in a straight pipe. And 1 yr later I realized both rear muffs had rust holes on top. Hard to see. So, if 1 part rusts out, usually all parts are in same shape.

I have found a local muffler shop does quick competent and low-priced exhaust work; it saves me a lot of uncomfortable undercar work with the risk of rust falling into my eyes. In fact, except for putting a strap around a rattling converter heat shield, every time I tried DIY exhaust work, I ended up taking it to a pro not long after.

I sure hope you’re not one of my neighbors

I like my peace and quiet, and I can’t stand people disrupting that with a loud exhaust

As far as I’m concerned, people that purposefully put on a loud exhaust and make a bunch of noise disrupting a quiet residential street are disrespectful


The OP is not replacing the muffler with a glass pack.

The OP is replacing the RESONATOR with a glass pack.

Which is basically a glass pack.