Cherry Bomb Extreme Muffler



Never put one of thoses, where do I put it? Contalic converter - pipe - cherry bomb - pipe?
Does that “remplace” a regular muffler and is it legal? Thanks!


No No No No (had to get 10 letters to post)


Probably not legal. Check your states laws. And best you don’t have neighbors.


…and a dictionary…

I’m sorry.
The Devil made me write that.


Tough crowd.
A “Cherry Bomb” is a loud replacement for your muffler. In the old days they were fiberglass-packed (loosely, so as to create little backpressure but mild sound dampening), but I don’t know how they’re being built now.

Do not put them anywhere other than aft of the downstream oxygen sensor. How well they’ll work (or not) with modern systems is beyond my knowledge… they’re verboten in NH. :skull_crossbones:

I should add that a Cherry Bomb muffler will NOT make a 4-banger sound like a big V8 with a flat crank. It makes a 4-banger sound more like the progeny of a chain saw and a popcorn popper. Big V8s make that sweet sound because of the timing of the cylinder explosions and the size of the cylinders, the first being critical to the sound.


And don’t think they’ll add any noticeable power. It’ll just SOUND ‘faster’.


English aint my first language, I learn it by talking, thats why my writing aint perfect, but thanks!


This is not a political acceptable post but here goes. With English not being your primary language all the more reason to avoid calling attention to yourself by having an annoying exhaust noise.


BigBo might be a Wild and Crazy Guy and we already seem to have some Coneheads here.


No offense, but if you don’t know where it goes, you shouldn’t be playing around with it.


That doesn’t seem to stop nearly everybody who owns a Harley from doing it, although I have heard of some communities beginning to clamp down on the offenders.
If you see “for off road use only” anywhere on the product, it’s not legal for street use.


That statement violates a few English rules, I guarantee it. It needs something between the word “language” and the word “all” to tie it together.
Perhaps you should avoid calling attention to yourself by trying to correct the English of others.


@the_same_mountainbik I will try to explain what I meant Mr. Mountainbike. The OP stated that English was not their native language. By having the attention calling loud exhaust being stopped by a law enforcement officer and a miscommunication occurs it could be bad for all concerned.


That’s good to know, but after the “dictionary” comment you can understand how I misunderstood.

I’d hate to see people’s English become the focus of posts that they write trying to get car help, especially over a simple typo. Which, I might add, I often make myself.


A Cherry Bomb muffler placed behind the catalytic convertor AND keep the tailpipe to exit the exhaust outside the truck on a straight 6 should sound pretty good. The Cat acts as a bit of a muffler and the “almost a muffler” Cherry Bomb will knock it down a bit more. It will be make more noise than a factory type muffler.

Yes, they still make them the same. Straight through design with fiberglass packing.


I dunno. A straight six still doesn’t have the crank timing that’s so important to a V8’s mellow sound.


Some of the old straight sixes sounded good


Yeah, THAT! @Rod_Knox Not sure truck 6 will sound quite that sweet but it may be worth a try :wink:


Yeah that is sweet. I’d forgotten about the old European sixes.
The old V12s had a cool sound too, although much “busier” than the V8s.


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