Cherry bomb extreme

ig u can say im ricing my car up, but i like it. anyways, i straightpiped my car, but thats only temporary. im looking for a better sound, especially during idle. so i boughg the cherry bomb extreme, but i just dint know where slong the pipe to attach it. does having it at the very back where a muffler should go vs putting it in the middle make a difference?

I don’t know what year Taurus you have but some have the catalytic converter inside the front header pipes. Unless that has been bypassed I don’t think it will make much difference.

It makes a difference. The muffler at the back will have less effect on certain types of sound than in the middle. The tailpipe helps kill some of the drone. I’ve done cherry bombs at the very back and it was an eardrum buster, even when I was young and stupid. Low restriction ovals are MUCH better.

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I don’t think it’ll matter. I’m not 100% positive, though. The length of the pipe will change the sound, the type of muffler will change the sound. The actual placement of the muffler, I don’t think it will change it. I believe the factory just puts them on the back vs under the body for space reasons.

Seeing Mustangman’s response, I may not be correct. I’ve never really experimented with muffler placement. I have changed pipe length beyond the muffler, which does have a huge effect on sound. I assumed the overall length of the pipe changed the sound vs just length after the muffler itself, but that may not be the case.

I dont know if there is a cat by the headers but I know that there is a cat in the middle of ghe pipe. wdym by a low restriction oval?

Gregory , not everyone here knows what some of your text speak means. wdym ?


Oval muffler.



Yup, like @Nevada_545 posted. I swapped to 2 of those from my Cherry Bombs and my hearing was saved.

I had a Dynomax on my old CRX. Really liked it. Had a good sound without being obnoxious.

Another vote against the cherry bombs. My neighbor’s kid put 'em on his Audi and likes to drive around revving the engine at all hours of the day and night like he heard race cars do while driving around the paddock. The whole neighborhood wants to murder the little idiot now.


A neighbor’s son installed them on his VW Golf, and the noise when he starts and idles the engine (on the days when it actually starts… :smirk:) is ridiculously loud. Their house is across the street and two houses down on the other side of the street, and the obnoxious noise from his car is louder than when my landscapers use their mowers, edgers, and blowers on my property.


Don’t your area have noise restriction laws?

I would ask you the same question I asked shadowfax

I had a single 3.5 inch Dynomax race muffler on my Camaro race car mounted all the way at the rear bumper. It sounded incredible and I could still use my 2 way radio to talk to my crew chief. Couldn’t do that with straight pipes… couldn’t pass track sound control regs either!

Quick set mortar is the solution. :smiling_imp:

These days I just don’t want to hear the exhaust unless the engine has 8 or 12 cylinders.
To paraphrase Tom Lehrer:
An exhaust system is like a sewer: what you get out of it depends on what you put into it.


well um, i dont wNt it to be that loud hahaha, i mean its only a v6 taurus. and wdym means what do you mean. i already bought the muffler so id prefer to just use it… im installing it tomorrow… should i put it in the middle, just after the cat to help reduce a little bit of the supposed insane sound? bc i want it to sound nice not like 2 streets down loud

With the converters in place I suspect that the engine is not going to be as loud as you think it will be.

alright, so you think that im overestimating the sound?? I dont know, everyone on here is making it seem like kt will be earthquake loud lol. i just want a good sound, and a good idle cheap. so if it were your car, where would you put the muffler??

I would of went with thrush turbo. check out link. you can hear it on a camaro.
Thrush® Turbo Muffler - Thrush® Exhaust, Making Hot Rods Hotter Since 1966™ (

oh well, i suppose i can always change it later

A long time ago I put a pair of Cherry bombs on my 68 Roadrunner. A few days later I took a road trip to TX.
About 200 miles into that trip I wanted those things gone. The drone at highway speeds gave me a perpetual headache.

About 20 miles from home on the return leg a state trooper stopped me and wrote me a ticket for illegal mufflers. Before I could change back to factory mufflers the city police stopped me and also wrote me up. A few days later the factory mufflers were back on the car.

I have no idea how loud your car will be but the converters are the biggest restriction in the exhaust system of any car and especially so after some age and miles. The substrate in the converter starts getting caked up with hard carbon and worsens the restriction part of it.

I’ve driven a few vehicles sans mufflers with converters in place and they were not that loud at all. Friend of mine has a 3 wheeler with a 350 Chevy motor and long tube headers. No mufflers, no exhaust pipes, and just a few puny baffles in place. I’ve ridden it and it’s actually no louder than my son’s 96 stock Camaro.